New Zephyr Atomisers – for an Ultra-Fine Mist Spray

You’ve painstakingly created a skincare or cosmetic formulation, perhaps for a facial mist, setting spray, serum mist, detox and protection… or anything along those lines. Every drop of your essence is powerful, gentle, and certified safe. You may even have a beautiful bottle ready, but every atomiser spray you can find on the market gives a very standard, wet spray, that actually makes you jump slightly when it hits your face.

Now here’s the good news! With Zephyr atomisers from Nova Packaging, you don’t need to put your customers through that. You can give them a mist that’s just like a soft, light breeze – so that spraying on your product becomes part of the experience; it’s something they enjoy as much as seeing the results. It strikes a bond with your brand deep in their heart.

Much as we can try and describe it, it’s an experience and we recommend you try it for yourself – once you know it, you never look back.

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