5ml Amber Glass Bottle

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Size: 5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml

Color: Amber, Green, Blue, White , Transparent

MOQ:10,000 PCS

Delivery time: 30days



Amber glass bottles are a preferred choice for cosmetics due to their exceptional ability to safeguard sensitive formulations from light degradation. Their opaque nature effectively blocks harmful UV and visible light, preventing the deterioration of light-sensitive ingredients like vitamins and essential oils. This preservation enhances shelf life and maintains product efficacy. The non-reactive nature of glass ensures the formulation’s integrity remains unchanged, avoiding undesirable chemical interactions. Beyond functionality, the rich, warm color of amber glass enhances the product’s premium image and appeals to environmentally conscious consumers. Amber glass is recyclable, aligning with sustainable packaging practices. This choice also supports a reduced dependency on added preservatives, aligning with clean beauty trends. Overall, amber glass bottles combine aesthetic appeal, UV protection, and environmental responsibility to elevate the quality and perception of cosmetic products.

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