Smooth Wall Push Button Dropper Bottle Pipette

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Size: 18mm 20mm

Color: UV Coating, Alu, White, Black

MOQ:10,000 PCS

Delivery time: 30days



The push button dropper offers several advantages for various applications. Firstly, it ensures precise and controlled dispensing of liquids, minimizing waste and promoting accurate dosing. Secondly, its user-friendly design simplifies the operation, making it convenient for individuals of all ages and abilities. The airtight seal on the dropper prevents leakage and contamination, maintaining product integrity. Additionally, it mechanism enhances hygiene by eliminating the need for direct contact with the dropper tip. Its compact and portable size facilitates easy transportation and storage. Overall, the push button dropper enhances efficiency, safety, and convenience, making it a preferred choice for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other liquid-based products.

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